Home & Personal Shopper

Home & Personal Shopper is the company branch offering customized research and consulting services regarding the image of the client and the home.

Home Shopper

The service aims to advise and find pieces of furniture and accessories that complement the house. Starting with a research work, conducted paying particular attention to the design philosophy, taste and customer’s requirements, we propose solutions to enhance the interior design. We suggest solutions that range from new design trends to more traditional alternatives, with the ability to access the antiques, crafts and artwork markets.
Working with the best companies, we also select coordinating fabrics and household linens, which can be personalized with hand embroidery if required.

Personal Shopper

The Personal Shopper service is aimed to improve the customer’s image and style, as well as to fully satisfy his/her desires.
When requested, we study total looks, paying particular attention to the harmonies of colors and shapes which may enhance the client’s silhouette and visage. Starting with the analysis of client’s desires and needs, we will help him/her to create an appropriate style according to the life he/she leads, and in line with his/her personality and tastes.
Sometimes the customer is a person who has a well-defined taste and a clear and precise style. In this case our role is to be a buyers' guide, able to offer a range of products that could meet client´s needs and complete his/her image.

We work directly in Moscow, accompanying the client in the best shops and advising him/her about the purchases. If the customer does not have time, we can also buy on commission.
The proposed solutions sometimes include goods which might be purchased exclusively on the foreign market. In this case Arcada International provides photographic support and will take care of the necessary practices of importing.
In addition, we procure luxury items which are difficult to be found on normal markets, such as limited edition goods, or even new and exclusive products not available in all large-scale retail trade shops.

We can arrange personalized shopping trips in the major fashion capitals like Milan, London and Paris and in other European cities famous for their design products and crafts. We accompany the customer in itineraries which are specifically tailored, with the guarantee of a special treatment:
• V.I.P. room or space dedicated to the purchase
• Visit to companies
• Support to the purchase through linguistic mediation and expert sales personnel by appointment
• Delivery to the hotel or in the city of origin
• Support during transfer operations in the European city of reference
• Obtaining an entry visa.
When necessary we also allow the customer to create a bank deposit in the country of destination.

In both sectors, "Home" and "Personal", we guarantee the highest quality level and trademark. Passion, taste and curiosity are the foundations of our work.
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