Real estate Consulting

It is the business line that offers advice and assistance to the clients interested in the Italian and European real estate market, both for the selection of exclusive and prestigious items for private use, and for evaluating property investments (residential, commercial or industrial) able to produce an income.

The specific profile of the real estate line consists in finding the requested object using a unique collaboration developed all over the Italian territory with related professionals or professionals registered in the National Association of Engineers and Architects, who leverage their personal knowledge in the area in question and/or their contractors that can often offer "exclusive and confidential" solutions.

Our office has also a database which is updated on a monthly basis, and which collects the result of an extremely accurate research work, performed during several years.

In order to complete our real estate consultancy service we offer a special assistance which is called "V.I.P. service" and it is conducted before and after the sale process.
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