Construction Company

The “Construction company” is the business line supporting the design sector.

It only realizes those works which have been designed by our office (Masterskaiya). They are handed to the customer as "turnkey", while paying the utmost respect for the delivery and the contractual costs as agreed. Changes in the costs are realized only to improve and obtain the desired quality of the project, aspect to which we reserve our highest priority.

The management operates synchronizing together with the designers and using the latest materials and technologies. We also offer to all our customers a 2 years guarantee on the works carried out and on all the technological systems (plumbing, heating, electrical, etc.).
Our personnel is constituted by local employees, to which all generic jobs and part of the technology systems design are assigned, while all the finishing works are performed by skilled personnel and technicians such as Italian masters, that have been residents in Moscow for several years.

The juridical company that operates in Russia is called Krona OOO.
According to construction, the company Krona, that is better described here, is made by engineers, architects and professionals who can realize projects with a focus on technological innovation and energy saving.

The company Krona is a member of the Union of the Russian Builders and it takes part to the committees that deal with technological innovation applied to building and leading-edge solutions for energy saving.


We don’t only realize “conventional” houses, but we are also the right interlocutors for the realization of “Energy efficient houses”, thanks to collaborations with some of the leading companies in this sector.

The Energy efficient house is a house that ensures the thermal wellbeing thanks to a heating energy source located inside the building, which, in the majority of cases, is powered by an alternative energy system.
Extraordinary energy performances are achieved thanks to a high thermal insulation value, and to the passive solar building design concept, according to which windows are made to collect, store, and distribute solar energy in the form of heat. Heat contributions also come from the electrical appliances in the house and from the occupants themselves.
All these heat contributions result to be sufficient to offset the losses during the cold season. As mentioned before, the energy necessary to achieve the heat balance of the building is typically provided by the use of alternative systems (solar, geothermal, etc.). The correct heat distribution takes place in most cases through a controlled ventilation system with cross-flow heat exchangers, which purify the air inside the home, and at the same time recover 90% of the heat from the outlet air.

The Energy efficient houses appeared for the first time in Germany and today they are built all over the world, above all in Sweden, Austria, Netherlands and in other Northern European countries, that are characterized by long and very cold winters, just,  like in Russia. In the last years they have been built also in Italy and Spain. They can be realized using different construction materials: structural wood, bricks and reinforced concrete.
In order to build an Energy efficient house, it is necessary to pay more attention to quality compared to the construction of a conventional house, so it is necessary that all the components that are needed for the construction of a house with these characteristics, are appropriate; for example in the design phase and in the construction and management of a green building.
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