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It is the main business line, the creative one, which allows us to customize the projects and make them unique. The business line is characterized by an executive experience of 25 years.

We are interested in job orders as complete architectural projects regarding either new constructions or renovations of mansions out of town, luxury apartments in the city center, offices, shops, etc. We are primarily specialized in interior design, that we treat with pedantic mastery, choosing specially designed fittings and furniture, lighting systems and curtains, and then integrating them with works of art made in bronze, marble, metals, etc. The "Landshaft design" may complement our offer by designing green areas, with possible placement of pools, gazebos and outdoor decorations.

Our design philosophy is that of the "custom-made dress". This philosophy is characterized by a strong consideration of client’s needs and by proposals of concept-design solutions, which differ according to client’s image and style, but are all characterized by effective and targeted functionality. Our primary scope is in fact to fully meet the needs of those who should later habit the spaces we design.
Therefore, the foundations of our projects are to be in compliance with clients’ priorities and to fulfill the intended use of the spaces as our clients indicate. This concept applies if either private or representation use is addressed, as well as either occasional or permanent residence is concerned.

The economic aspect has also a considerable importance for us. Aware of the limits it may set, we advise and orient our design choices, both from a stylistic point of view and also assessing any decision related to the use of materials.

We cooperate with several partners and this enables us to complete the "design package” and to draw up: executive projects and all the documentation necessary in order to obtain building permits, special specifications with metric computations, perform audits on the worksite accountancy (SAL), to carry on technical inspections/surveys and control the progress of the works.

Arcada International has signed a partnership agreement with the company +39 Architects regarding major operations planned by the public administration or related to upcoming events in Russia and Ex Soviet Republics. +39 Architects is a network of professionals specialized in architecture, engeenering, planning and design.


Krona OOO is the result of the goals shared by Arcada International and +39 Architects and it wants to invest in new technologies and innovation. Krona is able to stand out thanks to its know-how which has been built in over twenty years of high level experience in the design and construction sector and thanks to a portfolio of excellent companies that has been created and consolidated over the years.

Krona has ambicious goals such as the realization of big and important projects like shopping malls, hotels, airports, railway stations, mini residential neighborhoods, etc.

In order to get this type of works, Krona collaborates with extremely skilled and expert architects and engineers. 
Krona Adm wants to mantain a personality based on the “Made in Italy” concept. For this reason a partnership with the best architects of +39 Architects have been initiated, thus ensuring creativity and knowledge in the use of materials and technologies, above all in the energy saving sector.
The Italian creativity and knowledge have been mixed with the tasks and experience of Russian engineers, who are able to ensure the right skills in relation to local standars and a better practice while developing relationships with investors, builders and governative authorities.

Krona pays particular attention to the design of buildings (residential and not) that are classified as “class A” buildings. This brings additional value to the projects thanks to the use of innovative technologies aimed to save energy, as the “Kyoto protocol” asks. 
These technologies are obviously adapted to the climatic conditions in Russia.

The political activity of Krona aims to create new investments in the country, that means new jobs and opportunities. In addition the company wants to stenghten the friendship and the mutual respect between Italy and Russia.
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