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In more than 20 years on the russian market, Arcada International have had the pleasure of working for famous national and international customers, realizing the projects and managing the furnitures for offices, restaurants, hotels and the dwellings of the executives.

The company deals with architecture and interior design and it is inspired by the “custom-made dress” philosophy. This is done in order for the projects to be in compliance with clients’ priorities and all the developed solutions are conceived in order to fulfill the intended use of the spaces as the client indicates.

Arcada International structure is simple and flexible, providing the following services:
- “Design studio”, the creative line, dedicated to the interior design and to the green areas design;
- “Construction company”, the business line supporting the design studio;
- “Trading company”, the commercial business line whose aim is to manage all purchases, in sync with architects and interior designers;
- “Real estate consulting firm”, the business line that offers advice and assistance to the clients interested in the Italian and European real estate market.

The goal is to deliver to the client a “turnkey” job order, guaranteeing him assistance for the years following its realization.

With the passing of the years Arcada International has identified the rise of new needs looking at its costumers; therefore it has decided to increase, with the aim to completely satisfy the needs of its own clients and to offer them a complete service. 

New business lines are delineating: 
- “Others services”, only for the Russian partners, with the aim to offer some exclusive services to facilitate trips and missions abroad;
- “Representations”, to provide assistance on the Russian Federation market to all the Italian companies and entrepreneurs that intend to organize their presence through a representative office, but also to Russian companies that are looking for strategic partners in Europe.

In addition Arcada International is going to offer the service “Home and Personal Shopper”, which is the company branch offering customized research and consulting services regarding the image of the client and the home.

Arcada has been for almost twenty years synonymus of quality.
The goal is still that one to satisfy the needs of its own clients, suggesting unique and personalized solutions.

Arcada was created in 1988. The founder and General Director is Andrea Passerini, Italian interior designer.

In 1997 the company registered the first representation in Moscow - Russia, with the name of Arcada International. 

The name “Arcada” is inspired by the union between Italy and Russia, symbolically represented by an arch wich connects the two countries. 

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